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Light Steel

Selling Low-priced Mild Steel

Mild steel was very familiar in the 2000s. This product is used as a substitute for wood in building construction, one of which is a roof frame. Pillar Mytruss Indonesia, applicator and distributor of mild steel and building materials. We sell mild steel which is one type of building material that has characteristics that are light and thin, so that the installation is easier than wood. Mild steel can not be weathered like wood or eaten by termites.

Selling mild steel made of quality metal. Although the shape is thin, mild steel is very sturdy and is worthy of being used as a construction material, besides the price is also cheaper than wood. Mild steel profiles consist of several types, among others, mild steel battens, usuk and horses in buildings. We sell various types and sizes of mild steel according to your needs. Our products have superior quality so they can be relied on for your construction materials.

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